Best Hamster Breeds for Cuddling & Handling

Did you know that not all hamsters enjoy being held?

While hamsters can make great low-maintenance pets, they are nocturnal creatures who are more active at night, making them less suitable as daytime playmates. Additionally, hamsters have a tendency to chew on cords and fabric, so it’s important to keep their cages away from potential hazards.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll introduce you to the hamster breeds that are not only friendly but love to be held and cuddled. Whether you’re a seasoned hamster owner or looking for the perfect pet for your children, we’ll help you find the perfect furry companion.

So, if you’re wondering which hamster likes to be held the most or which breeds are the best for cuddling and handling, keep reading to find out!

Syrian Hamsters – Friendly and Easy to Handle

Syrian hamsters, also known as Teddy Bear or Golden hamsters, are the most popular pet hamsters in the United States. They have a friendly nature and can form strong bonds with their owners.

Syrian hamsters are larger than dwarf hamsters, making them easier to hold and handle. Their size and solid build make them comfortable to cradle in your hands, providing a secure and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend.

Unlike their smaller counterparts, Syrian hamsters are chunky and slow movers, which makes them less stressful for more nervous owners. Their calm demeanor and gentle movements make them an ideal choice for anyone who wants a hamster that loves to be held. Whether you’re seeking a loyal companion or a cute pet to snuggle with, Syrian hamsters won’t disappoint.

Another advantage of Syrian hamsters is that they prefer to be kept alone. Unlike some hamster species, which may require companionship, Syrian hamsters thrive in solo households. This means you can shower them with undivided attention and ensure they receive all the love and care they need.

Syrian hamsters

Building a Strong Bond

Getting to know your Syrian hamster is an important step in building a strong bond with them. Spend quality time together every day, gently holding and interacting with your hamster. Create a comfortable environment for them, with plenty of toys, treats, and a cozy sleeping area. By providing these essentials and showering them with love and attention, you’ll quickly become their favorite human.

Chinese Hamsters – Timid but Friendly

When it comes to hamster breeds that enjoy being handled, Chinese hamsters are an excellent choice. Like their Syrian counterparts, Chinese hamsters are known for their friendly nature, making them great companions once they are hand-tamed. Although they may be a little more timid compared to other breeds, with gentle and patient handling, they can become affectionate pets.

One thing to keep in mind is that Chinese hamsters are quick movers, so it’s essential to feel comfortable handling them. Take your time to build a bond with your Chinese hamster by allowing them to explore your hand and gradually lifting them. This will help them feel more secure and trusting during handling sessions.

Chinese hamsters can also be kept in pairs, however, it’s important to note that they can be territorial and may need to be permanently separated if they start to fight. Monitoring their interactions and providing separate living spaces if necessary will ensure a harmonious environment for your Chinese hamster pets.

In summary, Chinese hamsters are timid but friendly hamster breeds that enjoy being handled. With proper taming and care, they can make wonderful companions for hamster enthusiasts of all ages.

Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamsters – Small and Affectionate

Winter White Russian dwarf hamsters are a popular choice among hamster enthusiasts. These adorable little creatures are smaller in size compared to Syrian hamsters, but don’t let their tiny stature fool you – they have big personalities! One distinguishing feature of Winter White Russian dwarf hamsters is the dark stripe that runs from their head to their tail, adding to their charm.

These hamsters can be kept in pairs if introduced at a young age, but it’s important to ensure they are the same gender to prevent breeding. While Winter White Russian dwarf hamsters may initially be a bit nippy, with patient and gentle handling, they can become affectionate pets. It’s important to note that due to their small size and delicate nature, they may not be the best choice for young children.

However, if you’re looking for a hamster breed that enjoys being handled and is friendly, Winter White Russian dwarf hamsters are a great option. With proper care and attention, they can form a bond with their owners and enjoy being held. Just remember to handle them with care, providing a gentle touch and creating a safe and secure environment for them to thrive.

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